Wondering why become an ethical hacker when you can be unethical one? Take
a look at these 5 reasons below.

You Get ‘Stay Out
Of The Jail’ Card

Want to become an
ethical hacker? Then one thing that you must know is that your work isn’t going
to be any different from the one that an actual hacker does. Actually, it would
be pretty much the same. The only difference is that you will not sell credit card
details, passwords, someone’s personal information, and government secrets
because that will obviously land you in jail. Otherwise, the rest of the work
will be the same, as you are going to expose dangerous flaws by thinking and
acting like a real hacker. You have to find out ways to defeat him in his
unethical pursuits. The ways you will come up with, will help in sealing the
vulnerabilities and saving the day like a hero.

You’ll Be In High

As more and more
people are using the internet today, there are a lot of hackers hiding to
pounce at a great opportunity. They are always on the lookout for prey and to
hurt others by stealing important information. Such cyber-attacks will keep
happening and it will become imperative for organizations to strengthening
their network security. For this very purpose, they will need and hire ethical
hackers to create a strong security plan. So, thanks to the actual hacker, you
will never go out of business.

Make Most Of Your
Soft Skills

Soft skills are the
ability to think outside the box, remaining calm under pressure, confidence,
and problem-solving approach. These qualities are equally important along with
your technical experience and qualifications. Learning about ethical hacking is
different but when you will be facing the issues head-on, you will learn many
more things through experience and daily work. This way you will explore many
qualities that you didn’t know you had before. 

You Will Get High

When a job is high
in demand, so is the salary package. You can really thank actual hackers,
because of them; you will always have a job. As this work is difficult and
requires great skills, you will earn a really handsome salary. The skills used
in this work are also extensive. You can educate yourself further to rise high
in the salary hierarchy and grab key positions in an organization.

Cool Job Title

Imagine someone
asks you, “What do you do?” If you are an ethical hacker, you will have a
really cool answer to give. Trust us, not many have the privilege to do a
really cool job but you will. And just the way a soldier has war stories to
tell, the same way you will also have something great to tell your friends