The rise of ethical hacking and IT security is due to growing number of threats in digital world. An ethical hacker is like a bodyguard to your system and it follows ethical principles to protect your system and information from unethical hackers or any sort of cyber attacks. These professionals are required to safeguard your network. Here in this guide, we have mentioned 5 Reasons why ethical hacking is a must for cyber security, you can check them out below:

1. Handle cyber attacks:

Nowadays, cyber attacks are sophisticated and force of malicious or dark web hackers have already grown. Detecting such notorious activities can be tricky, so every organization needs a smart intrusion detection system. Ethical hacker can help define detection rules that reduce the chances of cyber attacks. There are times where such notorious activities remain unnoticed and ethical hacker can help detect them and secure and protect your sensitive resources and data.

2. Safeguard credibility of your business:

Security breach
can harm credibility of any company in market as we seen in 2015 17% share
price drop of Facebook Company due to data breach. Its market value is also
declined so cyber security is all about saving credibility of business. In such
scenario, ethical hacking becomes important and comes into picture. Any company
will be less susceptible to data breaches with an onboard ethical hacker.

3. Easy cloud transition:

IT sourcing and
virtualization are common trends in current era and simultaneous cloud
transition may provide various ways and options for malicious activities.
Hackers can misuse vulnerable new entry points. Only an ethical hacker can help
you by keeping your system and network protected and safe during such
simultaneous transition to the cloud.

4. Limit your liabilities:

Ethical hacking
is all about strengthening your data security so you need to have an ethical
hacker in your company to limit its liability when it is under cyber attack.
Sometimes an organization has to face so many issues such as data leakage,
hack, security breach and more and your company will be liable for it. You can
hire an ethical hacker to take care of all these issues as he or she can
perform tasks that show your commitment to secure your system or network.

5. Offensive approach:

Ethical hacking approaches are all about
protecting your network or system by duplicating actions and intent of
malicious hackers. Only a certified ethical hacker can fine weaknesses and
vulnerabilities of your existing entities and he or she can fix them.

Offensive actions or approaches of a certified
ethical hacker can be used to protect entities and critical data of any company
by building defensive strategies.